European Chronic Diseases Alliance sends open letter to José Manuel Barroso

The European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA) sent today an open letter to the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.

The letter expresses concerns about the lack of political will and action regarding chronic diseases from the leadership of the European Union. The ECDA also stresses that inaction will have disastrous outcomes – both in terms of Healthy Life Years lost and continued strains on healthcare systems. Chronic diseases cost economies immensely, through medical and social care needs, as well as through impact of premature retirement and reduced work force productivity.

Robust action to prevent and control chronic diseases will not be an emergency bailout but a long-term investment in the most valued primary resource: people.

IDF Europe, as a member of the ECDA, supports the letter and calls on its membership to disseminate the document.

Click here to read the full open letter.