PUFC 2013 - Podiatry Update for Clinicians

10 February 2013
Hotel Clarks Avadh, Lucknow, India

AUDIENCE: 50 to maximum 75 selected Physicians to be trained in Diabetic Foot Care.

MISSION: Diabetic Foot amputation prevention through better diabetic foot care and education.


  • Dennis Janisse, C. Ped. Assist. Prof. Dept. PM&R, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA / Adjunct Faculty, University of Pittsburgh
  • Karl-Heinz Schott, Adjunct Professional Fellow School of Health and Human Sciences Southern Cross University CPed CM interest in sensomotoric neurological foot issues education
  • A K SRIVASTAVA, Head, Department of Anatomy, Lucknow Medical College
  • LK SHANKHDHAR, Director, L.K.Diabetes Centre, Lucknow
  • KSHITIJ SHANKHDHAR, Head, Diabetic Foot Clinic, L.K.Diabetes Centre, Lucknow
  • SMITA SHANKHDHAR, Head, Diabetes Education Unit, L.K.Diabetes Centre, Lucknow


Lectures, Workshops, Hands on training in various aspects of Diabetic Foot Care, with special emphasis on clinical podiatry care as well as Pedorthics.