Explorer and mountain climber is newest Blue Circle Champion

Josu Feijoo, a Spanish climber and the first astronaut in-training with diabetes in the world, has become IDF’s newest Blue Circle Champion.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 18 years ago, Josu has proved to people worldwide that a person with diabetes can overcome any challenge by taking control of their disease. He is the first person with diabetes to have reached the North and South Poles and climbed Mount Everest.


Recently Josu has been selected to be one of the astronauts on board Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise, leading him closer to his dream of becoming the first person with diabetes in space. Josu will be the first person with a chronic condition to go into space, allowing for several experiments related to blood sugar control before, during and after the launch of the vessel.

IDF Blue Circle Champions are high profile individuals who have been touched by diabetes in one way or another. IDF looks to its Champions to inspire the over 366 million people living with diabetes today and bring awareness to this silent killer.