Global Diabetes Plan 2011-2021

The latest figures from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reveal that currently 366 million people have diabetes, 4.6 million deaths are due to diabetes and US$ 465 billion is spent on care for diabetes. This disease is one of the century’s greatest health challenges and remains on a relentlessly upwards trajectory.

IDF has brought together world experts to develop a coherent framework of action to respond to the diabetes challenge.  These cost-effective solutions for action by governments, health care professionals and the global diabetes community are presented in IDF’s Global Diabetes Plan 2011-2021.

The Plan sets out a framework of action for the next ten years to guide governments, healthcare providers and civil society. It is a milestone document that has been developed by experts and we have consulted widely on its recommendations. We believe it will do much to prevent avoidable deaths and improve the health of people with diabetes.

The Global Diabetes Plan was launched on 18 September in New York at the "Global Diabetes Symposium: Finding the Way to Global Action", an event co-sponsored by the International Diabetes Federation and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The Global Diabetes Plan is available for download as a pdf in the following languages:

View the presentation of the GDP made by IDF Vice-President Ruth Colagiuri at the Global Diabetes Symposium.