IDF calls for Universal Health Coverage to be recognised as a human right

As a chronic condition, diabetes healthcare related services have to be maintained for a lifetime. In low- and middle-income countries – where 80% of the people with diabetes in 2013 live – those healthcare payments have severe financial consequences for people living on or close to the poverty line.

IDF is calling for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to be recognised as a primary human right, so that no more families continue facing poverty as a result of payment for health services, and for illnesses constraining their education and work opportunities.

Even if coverage is attained, universal access to the services may still be constrained by social, economic or structural barriers.  Access remains a major challenge for diabetes treatment, so IDF is also calling for equity including access to services.

Read IDF's response to the joint WHO/World Bank group discussion paper “Monitoring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage at Country and Global Levels: A Framework”, February 2014