IDF Reference Centres for Diabetes Education





IDF Centres of Education (IDFCE) programme was launched in 2009. IDF has now renamed the 'IDFCE' to 'IDF Reference Centres for Diabetes Education' - (IDF-RCDE), and revised the criteria, terms and conditions.

IDF-RCDE, selected by IDF, will form a voluntary network to improve access to interdisciplinary diabetes education for health professionals and strengthen regional capacity to respond to the diabetes epidemic.

Roles of a Reference Centre

  • Advise IDF on the development, production and dissemination of diabetes education material for both health professionals and people with diabetes internationally.
  • Promote and support the development of diabetes education for health professionals and people with diabetes within their region.

Responsibilities of a Centre

  • Provide advice and guidance as appropriate to IDF on the needs of both health professionals and people with diabetes in respect of diabetes education.
  • Assist in the development of diabetes education material for both health professionals and people with diabetes by offering guidance and advice in respect of content, layout and dissemination.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of IDF proposals for diabetes education.
  • Promote the development of and mentor new centres within their region.
  • To help guide the development of recommendations for future work within the area of diabetes education.

Application Process:

  • Following a call for membership applications will be assessed and those deemed to be of sufficient quality will be recognised as reference centres for a period of 4 years.
  • Centres must reapply for continued recognition every 4 years. This will be dependent on receipt of satisfactory annual report.
  • An advisory group will be formed from all recognised centres consisting of the following members:
    - Two reference centres from each of the 7 IDF regions (2 x7 = 14 members) will act as representatives for their region.
    - The IDF Education Specialist.
    - The current Chair of the Diabetes Education Consultative Committee.
    - The Board representative who sits on the DECS committee.
    - Centres acting as representatives for their region will do so for a period of 4 years.
    - Centres may serve a maximum of 2 consecutive terms as a representative centre following which a period of at least 4 years must have elapsed before they hold this position.
    - In exceptional circumstances a centre may be requested to continue to act as regional representative where no other centre has been recognised.
    - Representative centres may be chosen by agreement between all centres who have been recognised within that region or in the absence of agreement those who scored highest in their application will be requested to
      act as the representative for their region.

Advisory Group

  • The group will meet virtually, a minimum of twice per year.
  • All meetings will be chaired by the IDF Education Specialist.
  • Where possible a face to face meeting may be convened at conferences such as ADA, WDC were most members will be present.
  • In addition to meetings the group will be contacted to seek advice and guidance on projects or issues related to diabetes education.
  • Members of the group will receive papers one week before each meeting.
  • Minutes of meetings will be kept and agreed by all members of the group who attended the meeting.
  • From time to time sub-groups may be formed to work on specific issues as appropriate.

The first round of applications was launched in 2009. Eight institutions were designated as International Diabetes Federation Centres of Education for 2014-2015. They are:

Centres of Education Strategic Planning Meeting, Dubai 2011

For more information about this network, contact [email protected]