IDF Europe & Danish EU Presidency discuss ways to reduce diabetes burden

The London School of Economics (LSE) released their policy recommendations on Reducing the Burden of Diabetes in Europe at an event held at the European Parliament, 25 January 2012 hosted by Danish MEP, Christel Schaldemose and the Danish Diabetes Association represented by CEO Henrik Nedergaard. 

The meeting was opened by Danish minister for European Affairs, Nicolai Wammen, who outlined the Danish government’s health priorities: chronic diseases and health innovation.

With a strong focus on diabetes among other chronic diseases, Wammen said: “We want to use diabetes as a test case and ensure that diabetes stays on the agenda”.

Nedergaard,  representing the Danish Diabetes Association, put the focus on a move from primary prevention to secondary prevention.

Professor Panos Kanavos, LSE underlined the importance of a national diabetes plan, focused on measurements of targets, best practices and national registries. Another key finding was the high rates of absenteeism, early retirement and high cost of care.

Following Prof Kanavos’ presentation, IDF Europe Chair Chris Delicata joined the debate together with EASD’s Prof Czupryniak and Novo Nordisk’s Senior Vice President, Martin Soeters.

IDF Europe’s intervention focused on the IDF Europe Policy Puzzle, cost effective solutions and innovations in health.

This meeting amplified the urgent need for serious government commitment to the spiralling diabetes epidemic. The invisible economic burden of diabetes, such as absenteeism and high cost of care can no longer be ignored. Czupryniak put it best when he stressed the importance of intensive early treatment to avoid costly intervention at a later stage when diabetes complications arise.

In the photos:
(top) Chris Delicata, Chair of IDF Europe presents MEP Schaldemose with a copy of the Policy Puzzle, third edition
(bottom) Nicolai Wammen, Danish EU Minister; MEP Schaldemose; Henrik Nedergaard, Danish Diabetes Association & Chris Delicata, IDF Europe