IDF Europe launches survey on access to medicines and medical devices for diabetes care in Europe

!! The online questionnaires have been closed. If you wish to further contribute to the survey, please contact Elodie Besnier at [email protected] !!

IDF Europe is pleased to announce the launch of three questionnaires aimed at assessing access to quality medicines and medical devices in diabetes care in the European Region. In recent years, and in the context of the current financial crisis, access to diabetes care has become a key issue in countless countries around Europe. The nine month study has the objective to assess whether people living with diabetes across Europe have equal access to high quality/ innovative diabetes medicines and medical devices, which will be measured by highlighting the existence of barriers or inequalities in access at local, national and regional level.

The 3 Questionnaires are available to complete preferably online – via survey monkey- or by WORD. In respect to the 47 countries with IDF Europe members, the questionnaires will explores a number of issues facing access. In combination, the questionnaires should provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation at national level and across the European Region.

The questionnaires aim to assess the issue of access to diabetes care from 3 different perspectives:

  • People living with diabetes
  • Health care professionals
  • Civi servants / Governmental institutions

Besides the English version, the questionnaires will be made available in 19 languages. All language versions will be uploaded at the bottom of this page as soon as they will be available.

Please note that the survey is a general questionnaire (i.e. the same for all European countries) that cannot capture all the variations that exist in every one of them. IDF Europe will be conducting additional phone interviews with national diabetes associations to complement the survey and obtain a more detailed overview of access to medicines and medical devices for diabetes care.

If you have any particular comment you would like to share on the survey and questionnaire, contact Elodie Besnier, Survey Researcher, at [email protected]

We need your help!

IDF Europe needs your help to disseminate and answers these questionnaires. Feel free inform your relevant national contact groups (such as people living with diabetes, health care professionals and civil servants) and encourage people to complete the questionnaires as soon as possible. The better response rate that is obtained, the more accurate data that can be provided and, in turn, better evidence that can be formulated to help your advocacy work at national level.

Your input to this study is essential to produce a robust report that can be a real eye-opener for policy makers at national and European levels and bring about strong political support and commitment for tackling diabetes.


Encourage your contacts to fill the questionnaire online. For those unable to use online versions and thus, completing WORD versions of the questionnaire, please send a scanned or electronic copy completed by email or printed + faxed to: 
Stefan Callan
FAX +32 2 5371981, attention of Stefan Callan.
If you have problems accessing the online or WORD versions of the questionnaires, please contact Stefan Callan to obtain a PDF version of the document.


Click here to access all the questionnaires.