IDF logo

The hummingbird logo of the International Diabetes Federation has its origins in the Dutch Diabetes Association, an organization for people with diabetes founded in 1945.

Known as “the bird of hope”, a hummingbird was chosen by the Dutch Diabetes Association since it symbolised the optimism of people with diabetes as they found ways to manage their condition, overcome its challenges and deal with its potentially devastating complications.

In 1980, the hummingbird became the official symbol of the International Diabetes Federation.

The logo has since represented and united millions of people throughout the world with a message of hope in the fight against diabetes.

The logo of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is a registered trademark.

Reproduction Entitlement

The logo of the International Diabetes Federation and those of its regions have been designed for the exclusive use of the executive and regional offices of IDF. The use of the logos adhere to strict terms and conditions.

For further information regarding the use of the logo, please contact [email protected].