IDF partnership focuses on diabetic retinopathy

On the eve of the World Diabetes Congress, IDF and The Fred Hollows Foundation announced a ten year partnership to tackle diabetic retinopathy, one of the most common diabetes complications around the world. The partnership will seek to strengthen work on diabetes retinopathy in the areas of advocacy, workforce, research and technology development.

The partnership will seek to strengthen work on diabetic retinopathy in the following ways:

-Advocacy-To imbed diabetic retinopathy as a global health priority

-Workforce development - To contribute to building the capacity of the global health workforce to provide good quality diabetic retinopathy care in all aspects of prevention, screening, treatment and management

-Research - To promote the need for more strategic research on diabetic retinopathy that will strengthen the evidence base in clinical care and influence future policy, practice and resource mobilisation

-Technology development-To support on-going program development and innovation in the prevention, screening, treatment and management of diabetic retinopathy

-Awareness - To increase the capacity of people with diabetes who are at risk of or living with diabetic retinopathy to better manage their health

IDF and Fred Hollows will each nominate three representatives to form a Working Group to develop Terms of Reference and effectively manage the partnership.