IDF President : Strong collective voice on NCDs in Africa is essential

Jean Claude Mbanya, IDF President, has given the keynote speech at the WHO Africa region consultation on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This meeting, attended by Ministers of Health and WHO representatives in Africa, is the first regional consultation  since the UN Summit on NCDs in 2011. The consultation will run from October 8-10.

“Today is the dawn of another millennium for NCDs” said Professor Mbanya and called on Health Ministers to ensure “every African, whether they have an NCD or a communicable disease, has an equal chance of living.”

IDF’s President repeatedly called for an ambitious and comprehensive set of global NCD targets to drive progress and an alignment of regional targets with global ones. His speech also stressed the need for a Global NCD Plan and a global NCD mechanism that would mobilise resources for diabetes and NCDs.

Professor Mbanya concluded with a rallying call “with a strong collective voice, the Africa Region can call for bold targets and international action to save millions of people from avoidable suffering, disability and death. We, in civil society stand ready to support you. Together, we can turn the tide on Non-communicable Diseases.”

About the consultation
The consultation aims to accelerate action on diabetes and NCDs in the Africa Region. Ministers of Health will discuss global processes for diabetes and other NCDs, including:

•    A Global Monitoring Framework and a set of global targets for NCDs
•    A multisectoral global NCD partnership
•    The next Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020

Other IDF representatives, including the Chair and Chair-Elect of the IDF African Region, are also in attendance at the consultation.