International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education (2008)

The IDF Curriculum is designed  to meet the needs of local health professionals, institutions and organizations.It can be adapted to suit local contexts.

It was originally developed in response to the need for health professionals to have specialized, evidenced-based training in diabetes education. A comprehensive curriculum is fundamental to the education of well prepared and clinically effective diabetes educators.

The Curriculum can be used to facilitate the training of health professionals from a variety of disciplines and at different levels of diabetes knowledge.

The 2nd edition of the Curriculum (2008)  includes the latest evidence-based references, several new modules, and information reflecting new and innovative approaches to diabetes management and education.

How to obtain a copy of the Curriculum

The curriculum is available in book form in English and on CD-ROM in Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Both the print copy and the CD-ROM can be ordered from the IDF online shop.

Click on the image below to download the curriculum in the language of your choice as a PDF file (To open the file, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Install or upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge). 


Arabic Chinese English
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You can also download the curriculum by sections (if you want to save the PDF files on your computer, right click on the icon and select the ‘File>Save as..’ option in the menu bar):

Languages: AR ES EN FR RU TK ZH
Module 1   AR ES EN FR RU TK ZH
Module I-1 The role of the diabetes educator
Module I-2 Team management
Module I-3 Teaching and learning
Module I-4 Psychosocial and behavioural approaches
Module I-5 Community awareness, promotion and prevention
Module I-6 Research
Module I-7 Evaluation
Module 2   AR ES EN FR RU TK ZH
Module II-1 Diagnosis, classification and presentation of diabetes
Module II-2 Pathophysiology
Module 3   AR ES EN FR RU TK ZH
Module III-1 Self-management
Module III-2 Blood glucose-lowering agents
Module III-3 Insulin therapy
Module III-4 Physical activity
Module III-5 Nutrition therapy
Module III-6 Short-term complications
Module III-7 Long-term complications
Module III-7a Diabetic retinopathy
Module III-7b Diabetic nephropathy
Module III-7c Diabetic neuropathy
Module III-7d Macrovascular disease
Module III-7e Sleep disorders
Module III-7f Oral health and diabetes
Module III-8 Complementary therapies
Module III-9 Diabetes and sexual health
Module 4   AR ES EN FR RU TK ZH
Module IV-1 Diabetes in children and adolescents
Module IV-2 Gestational diabetes
Module IV-3 Pregnancy in pre-existing diabetes
Module IV-4 The older adult
Module IV-5 Perioperative management
Appendix 1 Sample week-long programme  
Appendix 2 Physical facilities/layout
Appendix 3 Case study/small group work
Appendix 4 Suggested web sites
Appendix 5 Mentoring

The publication and translations of the International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education, 2008 edition, are supported by an educational grant from Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

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