Population: 8,372,373 (July 2011 est)
GDP per capita (PPP): $10,900 (2010 est)
Total expenditure on health per capita: $218 (Intl $, 2006)

Azerbaijan is a Republic in Central Asia, on the western edge of the Caspian Sea, which regained its independence from Russia in 1991.

Implementing Partner in-Country: The Endocrine Centre, Baku (Dr. Gunduz Ahmadov and colleagues)
International Supporters: Endocrinology Department, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2003

Insulin, syringes, and medical care are supplied by the Azerbaijani Government. However, many children had high HbA1c levels (a measure of long-term control of blood glucose levels) as they were not able to do self-monitoring of blood glucose levels due to the high cost of strips. Complications were therefore being seen frequently. LFAC commenced supporting 54 children in Baku. With children now having meters, and less expensive strips coming into the market, some families were able to cover the costs themselves and so the support was extended to other children.

In 2006, Dr. Ahmadov visited the city of Ganja in western Azerbaijan. Similarly blood glucose control was poor and complications frequent.  Extra support meant the Program could be extended to Ganja, and in 2008 further support from LFAC permitted a number of children from other regional areas to receive help.

Around 113 children are currently helped. The majority of the support continues to go towards providing funds for blood glucose monitoring in the form of meters and strips, with some funds used for HbA1c and microalbumin tests and education.