Population: 15,007,343 (July 2011 est)
GDP per capita (PPP): $7,800 (2010 est)
Total expenditure on health per capita: $503 (Intl $, 2009)

Ecuador lies in western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru.

Implementing Partner in-Country:

  1. FUVIDA - Fundación Aprendiendo a Vivir con Diabetes (Aracely Basurto and colleagues)
  2. FDJE - Fundacion Diabetes Juvenil Ecuador (María Paulina Mantilla and colleagues)

International Partner: Insulin for Life

Life for a Child Support

FUVIDA: Commenced 2008

Guayaquil is the most populous city in Ecuador, and is the country’s main port. The Fundación Aprendiendo a Vivir con Diabetes (FUVIDA) provides quality care and education for an increasing number of children in and around Guayaquil whose families cannot afford care. LFAC provides donated Lilly insulin, and blood glucose monitoring for 110 children. In 2011, donated syringes/needles from Becton Dickinson were also shipped in.

FDJE: Commenced 2010

Fundacion Diabetes Juvenil Ecuador are based in Quito, Ecuador's capital, but support children and youth in Ambato, Ibarra, Loja, Cuenca, Guayaquil-Santa Elena, Portoviejo, and Galápagos.  LFAC supports their work by providing insulin and strips for 24 children, in partnership with Insulin for Life, and financial assistance for health professionals to attend key international diabetes conferences such as ISPAD 2011.