Republic of Congo

Population: 4.4 million (mid-2013)1
GDP per capita (PPP International $): $ 3,2402
Total expenditure on health per capita: (Intl $, 2011): 1092


1 (Population Reference Bureau)
2 (World Health Organisation)

The Republic of the Congo is located in Central Africa, bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Angolan exclave of Cabinda.  It is also referred to as Congo-Brazzaville, as Brazzaville, its capital and largest city, sits on the Congo River. 

Implementing Partners in-Country

  • Pointe Noire: Diabaction Pointe Noire
  • Brazzaville: Maison Bleue du Diabѐte

Life for a Child Support

Commenced in 2012. Life for a Child (LFAC) is supporting 112 children in 2014.

LFAC commenced supporting 47 children in 2012 via Diabaction Pointe Noire, a diabetes association based at the General Hospital Adolphe SICE, Point Noire. Dr Charley Elenga-Bongo, the Hospital’s Head of Diabetology/Endocrinology, met Dr Graham Ogle in Arusha at the 1st IDF African Congress in July 2012. From this an MOU was signed in October and the first insulin shipment supporting all children was sent in late February 2013. In the same year, HbA1c point of care testing (an analyser and test cartridges) was facilitated through a supplier in Ghana along with a years’ supply of self-blood glucose monitoring equipment.

In 2013 Dr Evariste Bouenizabila, Chair of the IDF Africa Region (IDF Africa) and Scientific Chair of Diabaction Congo, met Dr Ogle whilst in Kochi for Diabetes India’s 5th World Congress. They discussed extending Life for a Child support to 65 children and youth in Brazzaville, the country’s capital.  By October that year, a first shipment of insulin had been arranged, with meters, strips and lancets received in February 2014.