Childhood diabetes education resources in English

If you have any materials that may be suitable for the site, or needs in any languages, please contact [email protected]. If you would like to translate these materials, please contact us so we can advise if permission is needed from the copyright owners. If permission is granted, once the materials are translated please have them carefully checked by another health professional who is expert in diabetes care and also fluent in both languages concerned. Please also credit the institution that developed the original resource, and provide Life for a Child with a copy.

The materials on these pages, and the links to other sites, contain diabetes education materials developed by health professionals and associations for particular local settings. The International Diabetes Federation and Diabetes NSW do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or applicability of these materials to individual circumstances. Please check the applicability of the materials to your situation. For children and their families – do not make any changes to your treatment without first discussing this with your doctor.

Dr. Graham Ogle, Prof. Martin Silink, Ms. Robyn Short-Hobbs and Mrs Angie Middlehurst
IDF Life for a Child Programme