Donate to Life for a Child

The IDF Life for a Child Programme receives contributions and support from individual donors, industry partners and other organisations which enable the Programme to help more and more children with diabetes in developing countries to receive the clinical care and diabetes education they require to stay alive.

Here are some testimonies of how these contributions are making a difference on the ground:

We received 30,000 syringes from BD this year. The quality of the syringes is excellent and perfectly suited for our patients. They appreciate the fine needles and the small syringe of 0,5 ml. So, no fear of the needle in our program, even for small children. Since we use good quality syringes we see practically no infection at the injection site -in former years we had some. This is due not to the good technique of our kids- hygiene is a problem for many- but to the absence of trauma with good syringes. We distribute the syringes with the Lilly insulin for our young patients and destitute people."

Dr Marguerite de Clerck, Coordinator - Diabetes in Primary Care Programme
Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Insulin Syringes being included in the LFAC programme is of tremendous help to our children with diabetes. As you are very much aware insulin in vials is of no use without syringes. Children have been reusing syringes to the point of getting abscesses on the injection sites.There is no coverage for syringes and they are very expensive."

Ms Lurline Less, President – Diabetes Association of Jamaica

We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives. Before Life for A Child sponsored us, I would worry where our children would get the insulin and supplies they needed to live. Every month the children receive a gift from you, a gift just as precious as the gifts the wise men brought to the stable in Bethlehem many years ago."

Mrs Aracely Basurto Calderon – FUVIDA, Ecuador

“The Zimbabwe Diabetic Association will always honour the BD donation of syringes. Life for a Child has become a resounding success but at first it was disheartening to be only able to give children insulin, without the syringes. The ones they were exposed to were painful when injecting. May the almighty Lord bless all the team behind the scenes of the LFAC Programme."

Ngoni Chigwana, Executive Chairperson – Zimbabwe Diabetic Association

“BD syringes have been an indispensable part of diabetes management for our children and adolescents in the Life for a Child programme. They are well suited for our Nepalese patients and they seem satisfied with them. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Becton Dickinson & Company and Direct Relief International for this charitable initiative to support needy and underprivileged children with type 1 diabetes in developing countries like ours."

Dr Buddhi Paudyal - Diabetes Physician & Co-ordinator, Life for a Child Programme, Patan Hospital, Lalitpur, Nepal

“The donation of syringes by BD which we have received thanks to the support of Direct Relief International has complemented the effort made by Life for a Child for the proper control and treatment of children and young people with diabetes in Bolivia. Unfortunately, in our country we do not have 50 IU syringes and sometimes not even insulin syringes so Tuberculin syringes with detachable needle are sometimes used. These are are much thicker and insulin is lost with each dose. Currently children and young people with diabetes in our programme are more calm and secure as they have adequate quality syringes for treatment."

Dra Elizabeth Duarte de Muñoz & Educ Miriam Castrati - VIVIR con Diabetes, Bolivia

"Angie Middlehurst's site visit was a very rewarding experience. She was marvelous with the kids, children and parents who came on Sunday to meet her. We liked her very informal manner and especially the fact that she tries very hard to relate to the audience, whoever they are. We have come across many educators in the past but we were most impressed with her style as we ourselves learnt so much from her."

Dr Mahen Wijesuriya, Secretary, Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka

“I have received the education materials - they are fantastic.  I especially like the Purple books - they are so comprehensive.  There is a two year old diagnosed earlier this year who lives on one of the smaller islands.  His mum would benefit greatly from this book."

Dr Diane Hislop-Chestnut, Consultant Endocrinologist, Cayman Islands