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We believe that no child should die of diabetes. This vision can only be achieved with your help. By donating to Life for a Child you are helping to provide children and young adults with vital supplies, medication and health care


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Recurring donations

Recurring donations to the IDF Life for a Child Programme can be made through PayPal, using the form below. Two options are available:

  • Monthly - EUR 23/USD 30
  • Yearly - EUR 274/USD 365

Why should I give to Life for a Child?

"Thank God we have the support of the center, the support of you all (LFAC). Because this support in the form of insulin, this is life for us. And in our country, in reality, this support is not there. So really, it's wonderful to have the chance to really say thank you to the center, to you all (LFAC)." Parent of a child with diabetes, Bolivia.

"LFAC has built hope. We lost one child but (without LFAC) the other six would have surely died. Thanks to Life for a Child we have been operating for four years and the children are relatively well, coming to the 'clinic' every two weeks from far away distance. They are glad to come." Health professional at LFAC supported centre, Ganta, Liberia

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