Nipro Diagnostics to provide breakthrough support to LFAC

One of the greatest challenges that the IDF Life for a Child Programme faces in providing quality care to allthe children and young people with diabetes that it supports is the cost of test strips. Their prohibitive cost restricts the number of children that can monitor their diabetes appropriately. 

To date, Life for a Child has been able to provide blood glucose monitoring support to a limited number of countries in which it operates. Now, thanks to a very generous commitment from Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. (a subsidiary of Nipro Corporation), a test-strip manufacturer that has been providing reduced-price strips to the Programme for the last few years, over 5,000 children supported by Life for a Child will have access to test strips at a markedly reduced price. Combined with additional support committed by Johnson & Johnson/LifeScan (who has recently agreed to support 1,300 children with strips), Life for a Child will be in a position to fully meet the diabetes care needs of children in many of the countries in which it is currently active. 

"This significant commitment is a breakthrough moment for Life for a Child," said Dr. Graham Ogle, General Manager of the Life for a Child Programme. "It will allow us to fully support many children who we help with insulin but are not yet monitored, as well as help a number of new children."