LFAC and DREAM Trust team up to support the education of children with diabetes in India

The DREAM Trust in Nagpur, India has begun a very exciting project, in collaboration with the IDF Life for a Child Programme, aimed at assisting the education of children and youth with diabetes to give them the best possible chance for employment and self-sufficiency. Dr Sharad Pendsey and his team invited applications and proposals from young people with diabetes regarding their needs around education, and were able to build a diverse “Rehabilitation Programme” from the feedback received. The programme consists of: 

  • Education scholarships 
  • Study grants to become nursing assistants  
  • Sewing machines to make garments for selling 
  • Micro-credit loans for small business start-ups/self employment e.g. starting a fruit stand  
  • Bicycles for girls to ensure that they can continue to attend school past the 7th grade. At this level, school is usually 10-15km away and parents do not want their daughters walking that far and being out after dark. The bicycles will therefore provide a safe mode of transportation.

So far three sewing machines and 14 bicycles have been distributed, and 10 people with diabetes have received funds to start small businesses, with a further 20 applications pending. The team at Nagpur are following start-ups and grant recipients closely. Education scholarships will also be given in July when schools reopen.