IDF partner supports LFAC on World Diabetes Day

International Diabetes Federation partner Boehringer Ingelheim will be continuing their support of the IDF Life for a Child Programme by donating the proceeds of an employee 3km run that will be held at the company's headquarters on November 14 - World Diabetes Day. A total of €20,000 will be donated to the programme. This is the fourth consecutive year that the company organises an initiative in support of Life for a Child.

“We are extremely grateful for all contributions to the ‘Life for a Child’ programme”, said Dr Graham Ogle, General Manager of LFAC. “We estimate that 80-100,000 children and youths with diabetes around the world are in urgent need of assistance and we hope that with this programme, many of these disadvantaged children will receive the medical supplies, clinical treatment and diabetes education that they critically need.”