Life for a Child reaches milestone target of 10,000 children supported

The International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child (LFAC) Programme is now supporting over 10,000 children with diabetes in developing countries, reaching the milestone target that was set at a landmark meeting in London in 2008.

In October of that year, IDF brought together representatives from leading global stakeholders (World Health Organisation, Ministries of Health, professional diabetes societies, national diabetes associations, philanthropic foundations, humanitarian organisations and industry partners) to find urgent solutions to address the issues of affordability and accessibility of insulin and other essential diabetes supplies in the developing world.

Life for Child was supporting 1,000 children in 20 countries at that time and the target was set to increase this figure to 10,000 in the first instance. The meeting was truly a turning point for the Programme, which has gone from strength to strength. The target has been reached with increasing numbers of young people with diabetes, in 39 countries, receiving vital insulin, syringes and monitoring supplies.

IDF, the Australian Diabetes Council, HOPE worldwide and all LFAC recipient centres extend their sincere thanks to the many individuals, associations, companies and foundations who have helped make this achievement possible.

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