Video showcases difficulties faced by people with diabetes during Mali crisis

In March 2012 Mali was the scene of a coup d'état followed by a rebel attack in the North of the country. Within a few days, people with diabetes in the north faced a shortage of medicines and doctors to help them manage their condition. Hundreds fled to the south where they found themselves without the means to continue their treatments. 

In April the NGO Santé Diabète developed a humanitarian action plan in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the National Diabetes Federation of Mali. Children with diabetes from Northern Mali were transported to Bamako where they could receive regular treatment and donations of insulin, oral medications and syringes were sent to the North. In Bamako over 100 people with diabetes were treated free of charge.

14-year old Azahara, who is supported by the IDF Life for a Child Programme, and Ms Haidara were among those who fled to Bamako in the aftermath of the crisis. In a short video produced by Santé Diabète they tell their story, describing the difficulties they faced and the help they received.

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