Team Diabeetle takes on Monghol Rally and raises money for Life for a Child

The Monghol Rally is described as the world's only 100% charitable car rally and also as one of the most dangerous. Starting in London, England, contestants cover approximately 10,000 kms, making their way to Ulan Batur, Mongolia. Once past the finish line, all entry vehicles are then used in Mongolia for charity services or sold commercially.

The value of the each vehicle cannot exceed GBP(£)1000, other than that there are no rules and no set travel route. To enter, teams must raise a minimum of GBP(£)1000, which goes to "Go Help", the organising Rally charity. All further funds raised can then go to a team's charity of choice.

For Team Diabeetle, the IDF Life for a Child Programme (LFAC) is that charity. Will Freedman and Will McKinnon, two friends from Sydney, Australia, decided to undertake the rally as a means of raising money and awareness of type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed when he was 16, Freedman is keen to prove that having type 1 diabetes does not prevent young adults from living life's great adventures: "Living with type 1 diabetes is a rally, a long-distance journey over rough and unforgiving terrain. It can seem relentless, like a race with no finish line, but with perseverance and determination, type 1 diabetes does not have to be, and should not be, debilitating."

So far, Team Diabeetle has raised over AUD($)25,000 for LFAC. To pledge your support or follow their amazing journey, visit

The entire LFAC team wish Will & Will all the very best and are sure they will succeed.