The Life for a Child Programme has received the generous support of the following companies:

Lilly Diabetes and Lilly Foundation
Lilly Diabetes provide free insulin for a number of countries supported by the Programme. Over 7,000 children and youth have been helped by donated Lilly insulin and Lilly has pledged to increase this support to cover the insulin needs of up to 24,000 children in the developing world by 2013. Lilly have also provided donations to Rotary International and these funds have been used to provide matching grants for Rotary Club activities in support of the LFAC Program. Many Lilly employees also support the Programme directly over many years.
Nipro Diagnostics
For the past five years Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. (a subsidiary of Nipro Corporation) have been providing reduced-price strips to Life for a Child for a small number of countries. In February 2012, Nipro advised LFAC of a significant and very generous increase in their support for the Programme, markedly decreasing the cost of both test strips and meters specifically for LFAC. This came through an existing strong relationship Nipro has with the Australian Diabetes Council, who have continued to champion LFAC with the company. Excitingly, it will allow LFAC to fully support many children who currently receive donated insulin from Lilly Diabetes, but who are not yet monitored, and also to help a number of new children.
Johnson & Johnson/LifeScan
Johnson & Johnson/LifeScan have provided significant financial contributions to the Programme.


Becton Dickinson
Boehringer Ingelheim
Eastman Kodak
Landmark Group
Medtronic, Inc.
National Diagnostic Products
Sanofi Diabetes
UTi Pharma