The Programme

The IDF Diabetes Atlas (Sixth Edition, 2013) estimates that there are over 497,000 children under 15 years with type 1 diabetes. There is probably a similar number of youth with diabetes aged 15-25. However, the estimates for numbers of children and youth in many developing countries are very incertain due to lack of data. Additionally type 2 diabetes is on the increase in children and adolescents in all countries irrespective of socio-economic status. It is estimated that 80-100,000 children and youth around the world are in urgent need of assistance.

Lack of access to insulin remains the most common cause of death in a child with diabetes (Gale, 2006). The estimated life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes could be less than a year in some areas (Beran et al, 2005). Many die undiagnosed, others through lack of insulin or lack of expert care. In some countries, expert care is available but resources are limited and so early and serious complications frequently lead to death in young adulthood.

The International Diabetes Federation "Life for a Child" Programme was established in 2000 with support from the Australian Diabetes Council and HOPE worldwide. It is an innovative and sustainable support programme in which individuals, families and organisations contribute monetary or in-kind donations to help children with diabetes in developing countries.

The formula is simple: contributions from donors go to established diabetes centres enabling them to provide the ongoing clinical care and diabetes education children need to stay alive. The centres provide comprehensive clinical and financial feedback to the Programme management team in Sydney, Australia.

The Programme aims to provide:

  • Sufficient insulin and syringes
  • Blood glucose monitoring equipment
  • Appropriate clinical care
  • HbA1c testing
  • Diabetes education
  • Technical support for health professionals

Some centres need support for all these areas; others need support for only some components.

The IDF Life for a Child Programme is currently helping over 12,500 CHILDREN AND YOUTH WITH DIABETES IN 45 COUNTRIES.

Azerbaijan Whole country 150
Bangladesh Dhaka 1495
Bolivia Whole country 160
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 20
Burundi Bujumbura 75
Cambodia na na
Cayman Islands Whole country 20
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa and surrounds, Goma 352
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 85
Ecuador Guayaquil, Quito and surrounds 170
Eritrea Asmara 800
Ethiopia Addis Ababa 1,420
Fiji Whole country 20
Ghana Accra and Kumasi 305
Guatemala Guatemala City 80
Guyana Whole country 30
Haiti Port-au-Prince and surrounds 50
India Nagpur, Vellore, Hardiwar and Ahmedabad 650
Iraq (Kurdistan) Erbil na
Jamaica Whole country 250
Kenya Nairobi 50
Liberia Ganta and Monrovia 50
Maldives Whole country 60
Mexico Guadelajara, Guanajuato, Merida, Mexico City 130
Mali Bamako, Sikasso, Tomboucto 115
Mauritania Nouakchott and surrounds 43
Morocco Rabat and surrounds 35
Nepal Patan, Kanti and surrounds 60
Nigeria Lagos and surrounds 120
Pakistan Karachi 1,200
Papua New Guinea Whole country 1
Philippines Manila and surrounds 31
Republic of Congo Pointe Noire 47
Rwanda Whole country 634
Solomon Islands Honiara and surrounds 1
Sri Lanka Colombo and surrounds 150
St. Lucia na na
Sudan Gezira, Khartoum and surrounds 630
Tajikistan Dushanbe and surrounds 400
Tanzania Dar-es-Salaam and surrounds 530
Togo Whole country 50
Uganda Kampala and surrounds 40
Uzbekistan Tashkent, Samarkand, Andijan and Bukhara 400
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City and surrounds 30
Zimbabwe Harare and other areas 325