Cameroon Diabetes Association


Organizational Information

Membership Information

Founded in 1969

389 Members in 2016


80 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1991




The Cameroon diabetes association has the mission to promote diabetes awareness, prevent and care of the people  with diabetes.
Cameroon is divided into ten regions. Branches of Cameroon diabetes associated were created in the ten regions in other to facilitate communication and coordination of activities. At each of the levels, there is a managing branch executive.


Main Focus

The main focus and activities of the association are

  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Diabetes Education


The main planned activities are

  • Intensify awareness especially among the Bororos and muslim community (nomadic cattle rarer)
  • Fund raising  to assist children who have been excluded from the changing diabetes in children program
  • Training of diabetes educators
  • Carry out a survey of programs funded with grants from the international diabetes foundation and others that involves the Association, and the use of the diabetes conversation maps in clinics and hospitals.
  • Intensify diabetes education
  • Advocacy and communication with the government, the parliament particular.
  • Strengthen the Association for children with diabetes and their families
  • Organization of the national diabetes conference before world diabetes day celebration



Publications & Newsletters

Read about their latest activity report (2014) here


Message from the President

Dr Nkwenti Achu 



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