Association des Diabetiques du Congo


Organizational Information

Membership Information

Founded in 1999

4000 Members in 2016


4 employees and many volunteers

Member of IDF since 2013



The association was created on February 23, 1999, accredited by the Congolese Government on March 23, 1999 at the height of the civil war which plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo. The association is equally acknowledged by the local authorities.
Created by diabetic and non-diabetic people, the Association aims at coming to the rescue of vulnerable diabetic patients in armed conflict situations or not, chiefly given that DRCongo doesn’t have any official formal programme in diabetic health care. 

Main Focus

  • To identify and unite all the diabetic people of DR Congo
  • To inform them and train them about their health and nutrition situation for their self-care and medication
  • To ensure to all the population of DR Congo health education in the likelyhood to prevent diabetis
  • To ensure health monitoring to persons victim of diabetes
  • To initiate small production units for self-promotion.  






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Publications & Newsletters

Download their latest annual report (2014)

The association entertains 4 times per month a radio broadcast entitled "Diabetes without fear"


Message from the President

Mr Cleophas Akumbi Mbilizi 



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