Diabetes Association of Namibia

Organizational Information

P.O. Box 4132
9000 Ongwediva
Tel +264-81-8439 587
Fax  +264-65-224391
Website: www.diabetes.iway.na

Membership Information

Founded in 2005

13,000 Members in 2015


2 employees and several volunteers 

Member of IDF since 2009




Diabetes Association of Namibia is a newly evolving, voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental association. Its mission is to empower people with diabetes to take full charge of their life by updating their knowledge on health issues especially on diabetes mellitus.


Main Focus

  • To promote and increase the understanding about Diabetes among the Namibian population
  • To contribute towards the primary prevention of diabetes in Namibia by creating a better understanding among all the people in Namibia about diabetes.
  • To promote the social well-being both mental and physical  of all people who may have diabetes or are associated with people who have diabetes in Namibia to manage the condition by empowering them through information dissemination, workshop, youth camps etc.
  • To assist and to improve education and health service for the people with diabetes with the view of maximizing their treatment and minimizing the development of complication of the conditions where these services are insufficient.


DAN  provides education and counseling to raise awareness of diabetes amongst the public, and to enable people with diabetes to manage their condition and lead a healthy and productive life.

DAN provides:

  • Diabetes Self-care Management Skills on day to day basis
  • Advice on home glucose monitoring and choice of glucometer
  • Education and instruction on insulin initiation and injection techniques
  • Consultation by dietitian
  • Public forums/ Diabetes Awareness Programmer

Publications & Newsletters

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Message from the President

Mr Lazarus Cornelius



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