Association Senegalaise de Soutien aux Diabetiques


Organizational Information

Membership Information

Founded in 1967

42310 Members in 2015


5 employees and thousands of volunteers

Member of IDF since 1997




The Senegalese association for the support of people with diabetes - ASSAD (Association Sénégalaise de Soutien aux Diabétiques) was created in December 1967 in Dakar.  The Association is made of active members, honoray members and donors. 

Its main purpose is to improve the lives of people with diabetesto make them no longer hampered by the condition and dependent on other people, but active citizens able to manage their health and be productive.


Main Focus

  • To improve the life of people with diabetes
  • To raise awareness on diabetes and its treatment
  • To work in collaboration with the Center 'Marc Sankale' in Dakar

Message from the President

Mr Oumar Gueye 



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