Österreichische Diabetes Gesellschaft


Organizational Information

Währingerstrasse 76/13
1090 Vienna
Tel +43- 650 7703378
Fax  +43-1-2645229
Website: www.oedg.org

Membership Information

Founded in 1969

929 Members in 2015


1,5 employee and 800+ volunteers

Member of IDF since 1976




The ÖDG, the scientific society of diabetes experts in Austria, promotes research and  scientific exchange between scientists/physicians in order to improve diabetes care and patients' quality of life. The aim is to build a bridge between health care professionals and patients. The ÖDG organises congresses, funds research and publications and develops  guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications. On the occasion of the ÖDG's Annual and Spring Meetings, scientific news are presented and discussed as well as “state of the art” lectures and workshops offer well balanced information for physicians, dietitians and diabetes educators.

Main Focus

  • Research and scientific exchange between scientists/physicians
  • Organization of congresses
  • Research funding
  • Development of guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications
  • Awareness campaigns for the broader public


Learn more here about activities organised by the Association

Annual Meeting http://www.oedg.org/oedg_jt.html

Spring Meeting http://www.oedg.org/oedg_fjt.html

Nordic City Walk http://www.oedg.org/presse.html


Young Leaders in Diabetes

Maria and Marlis represent the ÖDG in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about them and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

See their guidelines and Journal Diabetes Forum here


Message from the President

Prof. Heinz Drexel "For a small country like Austria, it is mandatory to be integrated in an international organization. In medicine, globalization takes place in many areas, e. g. guidelines. The Austrian Diabetes Association appreciates very much the support of the IDF in the field of diabetes research and patients care. Experiences from all over the world directly influence our strategies for research, clinical management and patient education."


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