Armenian Association of Diabetes


Organizational Information

Mamikonyants Street 29
0014 Yerevan
Tel +37410232410

Membership Information

Founded in 2009

1023Members in 2016


17 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2011




Armenian  Association of Diabetes was founded by Eliza Hayrapetyan in 1996 as in Armenia the number of people with diabetes has grown dramatically.

Main Focus

  • To improve  the life style and condition of people with diabetes
  • To improve the doctors activities who work with patients having diabetes


For early detection of diabetes and to assist those who struggle with their diagnosed diabetes and  their complications, the Armenian Association of Diabetes organises:
  • Diabetes Screening  of half of the Armenian  population within two years with the aim to continue in the future so that all Armenians would be screened.
  • Organisation of a diabetes school in patient department and regional  out-patient department

Publications & Newsletters

The Association does not publish a newsletter.


Message from the President

Ms Elisa Hayrapetyan "As member of the International Diabetes Federation, we are not  alone in the struggle against diabetes, we can use the experience of the other diabetes associations of IDF.

We want  to improve the life  of our patients with diabetes and want  to use the decisions of the International Diabetes Federation to persuade our Government strengthen the methods of struggle against diabetes".  


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