Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology


Organizational Information

2 Zdrave street
1431 Sofia
Tel +359-2- 8956220
Website: www.endo-bg.com

Membership Information

Founded in 1954

208 Members in 2016



Member of IDF since 1994




The  Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology was founded in 1958. Their main aims are

  • continuous education of endocrinologists and young doctors specializing in endocrinology, GP specialists and endocrine patients
  • organisation of screenings of endocrine diseases (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslimidemia, thyroid, osteoporosis)
  • creation of Bulgarian guidenlines on diabetes


Main Focus

  • Educational programmes for healthcare professionals (schools of endocrinology, educational symposia)
  • Educational programmes for patients (media interviews in newspapers, radio, TV, and patients courses
  • Endrocrinology School

Message from the President

Ms Anna-Maria Borissova 



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