Finnish Diabetes Association


Organizational Information

Kirjoniementie 15
33680 Tampere
Tel +358-3-2860111


Membership Information

Founded in 1955

56340 Members in 2015


60 employees and 1600 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1950




Finnish Diabetes Association (founded 1955) is a national public-health and patient organization. 

The Diabetes Centre in Tampere is the national headquarters of the Finnish Diabetes Association, housing the Central Office and the Education and Training Centre. 
The Finnish Diabetes Association receives funds from several sources for its activity:
  • allocations from Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY)
  • fundraising, donations
  • proceeds from own operations
  • membership subscriptions
  • other income

Main Focus

  • supporting people with diabetes
  • enhancing diabetes-related skills
  • conducting policy advocacy
The work is based on the values of:
  • respect for the dignity of the individual
  • readiness to collaborate
  • openness to learning


One of their main functions is to work for persons with diabetes in the society (policy advocacy). They keep an eye on legislative proposals and give statements in issues concerning diabetes prevention and people with diabetes. We have invited Members of Parliament from every Parliamentary group to form a Diabetes Group in the Parliament of Finland.
Their local branches act locally making sure people with diabetes and diabetes prevention are taken into account in municipalities.
They encourage people with diabetes to participate civic activities and are a recognized  expert in issues concerning diabetes.
Their local branches offer their members information, support and a wide range of activities: lectures, courses and other events with experts, individual peer support, members' evenings, clubs, outings and travel opportunities.  
The association offers support to people with diabetes, has a helpline with a diabetes nurse answering questions, meetings and happenings for various groups, wide variety of web based services: a comprehensive web service, a lively discussion forum, Facebook-pages, etc.
The Diabetes Centre provides courses for 1 700 people each year, both patients and health care professionals. 
One Life projects – promoting vascular health and diabetes care:

Publications & Newsletters

Diabetes magazine (periodical, 6 issues per year) for persons with diabetes and other people interested in diabetes. 
Diabetes and Doctor (periodical, 5 issues per year) aimed at diabetes care professionals: mainly doctors and nurses but also dieticians, podiatrists, etc.
Inspis, an online magazine for young people with diabetes (12-25 yrs.).
They also publish a comprehensive range of material for persons with diabetes, their relatives and for the health care professionals. Part of the material is chargeable, part is free of charge. (see
Type 2 risk assessment tool. Widely used in many countries for screening type 2 diabetes:
Download their latest annual report (2012) in Finnish

Message from the President

Mr Jaakko Pihlajamäki 



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