Organizational Information

Website: www.diabetesde.orgwww.diabetes-stoppen.de



Membership Information

Founded in 2008

26924 Members in 2016


5 employees  and 200 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2009


diabetesDE – German Diabetes Aid is an independent non-profit-organisation that unites people with diabetes and their families, physicians, researchers and other diabetes professionals.  As a young umbrella organization, they are enabling diabetes experts and their patients, organized in three member organisations, to meet on eye level:
  • German Diabetes Association (DDG)
  • German Association of Diabetes Educating and Councelling Professions  (VDBD)
  • German Diabetes Aid – People with diabetes (DDH-M)
The organization was founded by DDG and VDBD. In 2012, DDH-M was founded to ensure an adequate representation of people suffering from diabetes within diabetesDE- German Diabetes Aid. The federal organization DDH-M and its regional associations coordinate all activities of people with diabetes and advocate their interests.


Main Focus

They create public awareness for diabetes and fight against the disease. By means of a joint effort of all its members, diabetesDE wants to improve the efficiency of the use of available resources to provide the best possible diabetes prevention, care and research and to stop discrimination. United in diabetesDE, their major goal is to help establish a national diabetes strategy for Germany. 

  • Raise awareness about diabetes
  • Educate the general public about the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Fight for the best possible medical treatment and care for people with diabetes
  • Support and fund projects that help people with diabetes and people at risk
  • Advocate the interests of people with diabetes
  • Encourage young leaders in diabetes advocacy


  • Organisation of a Patient Infotainment Congress on World Diabetes Day (around 5000 attendees each year) since 2009
  • Hosting the annual Diabetes Charity Gala since 2011 (300 selected guests)
  • 7 sponsored projects to improve the life of people with diabetes
  • Supporting summer camps, adventurous coping-weeks and -weekends for Kids and Teens with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Launch a political Grassroots-Campaign “Stop Diabetes – now!” in 2013and beyond  to fight for a national diabetes plan in Germany
  • Demonstrating and petitioning for patients´rights, raising awareness and hightening political pressure
  • Stakeholder outreach and political lobbying



Young Leaders in Diabetes

Iris, Jan, Katarina and Khatarina represent DiabetesDE in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about them and about the YLD programme here


Publications & Newsletters

German Health Report Diabetes (annual survey)

Downloard their 2013 Annual Report

Monthly Newsletter

Message from the President

Dr Thomas Danne "diabetesDE – German Diabetes Aid is breaking new ground in Germany, because for the first time experts and people with diabetes stand together side by side – to fight for a better quality of life for people with diabetes, better research, therapy and a cure and against discrimination. Together we will make it!

Lobbying on European and international levels (WHO, UN) and connecting with other international stakeholders (NCD Alliance, European Patient Forum) by IDF is crucial and can help switching national politics into the right direction. We also appreciate IDF as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences with other member organisations, common actions to rise awareness for diabetes, e.g. campaigning for World Diabetes Day and the trainee program for the Young Leaders. "


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