Hellenic Diabetes Federation


Organizational Information

3rd Septembriou street 90
104 34 Athens
Tel +30-210-8838113
Fax +30-210-8838118
Website: www.elodi.org


Membership Information

Founded in 1997

4200 Members in 2013



Member of IDF since 2000




The Hellenic Diabetes Federation (EL.O.DI.) was founded in September 1997 by the union of the four associations in the country: the National Diabetes Association (AMC) was the first and only association for people with diabetes, the National Association for the Fight Against Juvenile Diabetes (P.E.A.N.D.), the Association of friends of children and adolescents with endocrine problem "The GALINOS" and Paneipirotiki Union for Juvenile Diabetes (EE .N.D.I.).




ELODI organizes every two years a Panhellenic Conference with the participation of leading scientists in the field.

They also organise informatice meetings and seminars with local clubs of children, adolescents and adults with diabetes

They actively participate in the Board of the National Center for Research, Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and its complications (E.KE.DI.).


Young Leaders in Diabetes

Ioannis represents the Hellenic Diabetes Federation in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about him and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

The Federation publishes a bi-monthly magazine freely distributed to all diabetes centers and clinics in Greece.


Message from the President

Mr Aristeidis Raptis 



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