Panhellenic Federation of People with Diabetes


Organizational Information

Membership Information

Founded in 1997

12298 Members in 2016


2 employees and over 1,000 Volunteers

Member of IDF since 2013




The Pan Hellenic Federation of People with Diabetes was founded on May 31, 1997 by 4 pioneer associations. It currently consists of 22 active local associations all over Greece.


Main Focus

  • To inform people on the latest medical achievements, therapeutic methods and daily control
  • Diagnosis and self-control of diabetes
  • Promotion of research
  • Conduction and assessment of epidemiological studies to facilitate in time diagnosis and prevention


  • Organisation of informative and training events, lectures, seminars, focus groups
  • Radio programmes, TV programmes and informative campaigns
  • Printing of informative material
  • Cooperation with health professionals specialized in diabetes.
  • Hosting of an event on World Diabetes Day

Publications & Newsletters

Their latest annual report (2012)

"Sweet Life"


Message from the President

Ms Athanasia Karounou 



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