Israel Diabetes Association


Organizational Information

PO BOX 15601
75359 Rishon Le-Zion
Tel +972-3-9508222

Membership Information

Founded in 1954

3000 Members in 2016


5 employees and 300 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1958




The Israel Diabetes Association was established in 1954 by four founders: Dr. Ludwig Nelken, Dr. Herman Wolfson, Dr. Liven and Prof. A. M. Cohen. Since its establishment the Association has grown and it currently has some 15,000 members including doctors, nurses, dietitians, researchers and the remaining representatives of the scientific establishment and diabetics.

Main Focus

  • To improve the quality of life and medical treatment for people with diabetes
  • To perform educational activities
  • To produce scientific publications
  • To atrain people with diabetes


Up-to-date medical information and general information: by means of the I.D.A. bulletin which is published four times a year. At the Association’s Web Site every surfer may receive reliable and up-to-date information, ask questions, receive answers and participate in forums run by specialists in diabetes and dieticians. National and local meetings and conventions. Support groups, discount campaigns for services, books and products bearing the “Stamp of the Association”. Initial legal consulting, public activity geared towards having new and effective medicines included in the “health basket,” activity geared towards getting the National Insurance Institution to recognize the rights of diabetics, activity geared towards equal opportunities in the workplace and towards equality in military service. 


Message from the Chairman

Prof. Ardon Rubinstein



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