Associazione Nazionale Italiana Atleti Diabetici


Organizational Information

Via Mariano d'Ayala 1
80121 Napoli
Tel +39 - 081.413201


Membership Information

Founded in 1991

490 Members in 2016


8 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2009




The association aims at promoting a physical activity among people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The goal of the association’s activities is to increase awareness and to provide accurate education regarding diabetes therapies. This, according to the association, will allow people with diabetes to prevent further chronic complications.


Main Focus

  • To educate people with diabetes and all who are involved in diabetes cure regarding physical activity and diabetes
  • To create opportunities to participate in physical activities
  • To improve self-management tools for people with diabetes
  • To foster the information exchange among athletes with diabetes


  • To promote information regarding diabetes and physical activity
  • To promote local initiatives and events
  • To engage in sports events for people with diabetes on a national and international level offering the athletes with diabetes special support and assistance

Young Leaders in Diabetes

Luca represents the Associazione Nazionale Italiana Atleti Diabetici in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about him and about the YLD programme here

Message from the President

Mr Marcello Grussu 



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