FAND - Associazione Italiana Diabetici


Organizational Information

Via Dracone 23
20126 Milano
Tel +39-02-2570453

Membership Information

Founded in 1982

10000 Members in 2016


1 employee and volunteers

Member of IDF since 1985




FAND- Associazione Italiana Diabetici - was founded in 1982 by Doctor Roberto Lombardi. The institution, based on voluntary activities, engages about 100 local FAND member associations.


Main Focus

  • To assist people with diabetes in terms of moral, legal and social protection. These support services are in line with the objectives proposed by the Italian law paragraph 115/87 which now is an integrated part of the National Health Care Strategy of Italy.


  • To contact and to coordinate health centres and health care professionals in the field of diabetes
  • To provide patient services such as legal and social assistance
  • To promote the local FAND associations and diabetes care centres
  • To raise awareness by promoting various information on diabetes

Message from the President

Prof. Albino Bottazzo



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