Lithuanian Diabetes Association


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Gedimino Av 28/2 - 404
01104 Vilnius
Tel +370-5-2620783

Membership Information

Founded in 1989

6035 Members in 2016


 2 employees and  volunteers

Member of IDF since 1994




The Lithuanian Diabetes Association was founded on December 9 1989.The original aims of the LDA are the following:
  • to provide mutual aid and assistance to all diabetics;
  • to promote the study, the spread of knowledge and the proper treatment of diabetes;
  • to remove all present limitations of diabetics discrimination in their rights to labour, studies, insurance.


The Lithuanian Diabetes Association plays the leading part in realization of the National Diabetes Programme:
  • Provides practical help and advice producing publications on all aspects of living with diabetes (Proper Diet is Health, Nutrition for Diabetics, Foot care, Insulin, etc.)
  • Publishes the newspaper "Diabetas" which keeps readers in touch with:
    • progress in medical care and research,
    • Association activities,
    • menu suggestions,
    • latest legislation affecting people with diabetes,
    • practical hints on day to day problems.
  • Visually handicapped members can receive already some information on a cassette.
  • Organizes various conferences, seminars, such as "Teaching of Diabetics - Necessity or Luxury", "Diabetes Teaching and Care from A till Z", etc.
  • Since 1990 LDA organizes summer camps for the Youth. They give and ideal opportunity to have an enjoyable time whilst learning more about diabetes.
  • Helps to establish diabetes schools in different regions of Lithuania.
  • Since 1993 LDA organizes World Diabetes Days arrangements with free blood glucose measuring with purpose to find out persons who have already got diabetes but do not know about this problem.
  • Cooperation with the Danish Diabetes Association helped a lot to improve diabetes care in Lithuania


Young Leaders in Diabetes

Živilė represents the Lithuanian Diabetes Association in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about her and about the YLD programme here

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Ms Vida Augustiniene 


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