Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabete


Organizational Information

143 rue de Mühlenbach
LU-2168 Luxembourg
Tel +352-485361

Membership Information

Founded in 1979

1350 Members in 2016


3 employees and 15 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1982



The Luxembourg Diabetes Association, Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabète (ALD), founded in 1979, is open to all those affected by diabetes association. 

The goals of ALD are: 

  • Advocacy for people with diabetes from an economic, social and cultural point of view 
  • Information and education for people with diabetes and their families 
  • Prevention and early detection of diabetes 
  • Medical and social assistance for people with diabetes 

In order to better achieve the goals it has set itself and improve its availability to those involved, the ALD established in 2003 La Maison du Diabète, a service affiliated with the Ministry of Health 


Main Focus

  • Information Centre
  • Education programmes
  • Individual counselling by specialized nurse or dietician


ALD organises the following activities and services:

  • Educational programmes and information sessions in group 
  • Customised counselling provided by a nurse or dietician specialising in diabetes (also in Portuguese upon request) 
  • The ALD magazine which appears 4 times a year and contains news articles about diabetes, treatment, diet, physical activity, the life of the association... 
  • Documentation Centre, information brochures (food, sports, travel, school, pregnancy ...) 
  • Loan and exchange of defective equipment 
  • Conferences for the general, training for professionals 
  • Social and leisure activities 

Since 2006, ALD has had a special section for parents of children and adolescents with diabetes 
The objectives of the group of parents: 

  • Share personal experiences (school, family, holidays and entourages ...) 
  • Organise activities to promote a dialogue between parents and children 
  • Meetings and educational activities in collaboration with the DECCP service of the paediatric clinic 
  • Advocate for children with public authorities (Health Fund, Ministry of Health, Family, Education ...) 
  • Promote information and awareness campaigns about diabetes 
  • Collection of funds for the organisation of social and educational activities for children with diabetes (sports Weekends, Sailing Camp, excursions ...) 
  • Project Support: Life for a Child in Mali (Programme of the International Diabetes Federation which supports children with diabetes in developing countries)

Publications & Newsletters

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Message from the President

Dr Roger Wirion 



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