Associacao Protectora dos Diabeticos de Portugal


Organizational Information

Rua do Salitre, 118 - 120
1250-203 Lisbon
Tel +351-213816107


Membership Information

Founded in 1926

10672 Members in 2016


8 employees 

Member of IDF since 1952




APDP – Diabetes Portugal (Portuguese Diabetes Association) is a non-profit organization, classified by the Portuguese Government as an Private Institution of Social Solidarity, and was founded in Lisbon (Portugal) by Dr Ernesto Roma, in 1926.
APDP is the world’s oldest diabetes association and dean of International Diabetes Federation’s Member Associations and has always been acting on the healthcare area, with a national range and with international relationships at training and assisting levels.
APDP has evolved, over the past years, into a modern outpatient clinic and is now an international reference as a specialized diabetes healthcare centre.
For all these years, APDP has always reinforced the educational needs of the patient with chronic diseases, particularly people with diabetes.
As a result, APDP was recognized, in 2009, as the first International Diabetes Federation Centre of Education in the world.
APDP is also a certified Centre of Reference for Pediatric Diabetes for 2011/2012


Main Focus

  • To provide social assistance to people with diabetes 
  • To provide integrated and specialized healthcare services
  • To carry out research
  • To provide training courses


APDP develops its activity in four major areas: 
  • Fighting for the rights of people with diabetes in the society.
  • Co-operating with other associations and national structures in the pursuit of their aims regarding diabetic people interests.
  • Co-operating with international structures
  • Providing integrated and specialized healthcare services to more than 40.000 people with diabetes from all over the country in areas such as diabetology, paediatrics, nutrition, ophthalmology, cardiology, podiatry, nephrology, urology, women’s health and mental health.
  • APDP has a protocol with the National Health Ministry regarding healthcare services to people with diabetes and training courses for HCPs.
  • APDP promotes the development of scientific studies in epidemiology and diabetology.
  • It also carries out relevant scientific work in collaboration with external reference institutions 
  • APDP was also part of international diabetology network studies like EURODIAB and DIRECT.
APDP provides training courses in diabetes aimed at Health Care Professionals, Diabetes Educators, Professionals and users of communitarian support institutions, University students and professors and People with diabetes and their families.
Collaboration with the Portuguese Government and Ministry of Health:
  • Scientific and technical consultancy in diabetes, including the issue of recommendations on policy measures
  • Participation in the implementation of the Portuguese National Program for the Prevention and Control of Diabetes
  • Issuing of technical standards in the area of diabetes
  • Postgraduate training, at university level, in diabetes
  • Training courses in the area of prevention and control of diabetes since 1974, by request and in collaboration with the Portuguese Health Ministry.






Young Leaders in Diabetes

Alexandra Costa, Jenifer Duarte and Manuel Gonçalves  represent the Portuguese Diabetes Association - APDP in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about her and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

Download their latest annual report (2015)

APDP has a quarterly magazine distributed to all associates and also available in the stores. All magazines are available on their website:

APDP also has a monthly newsletter sent by email to all our associates and patients. It is also available in their website :

They have published some books regarding specific subjects about diabetes, such as Diabetic Foot; Carbohydrates; Healthy nutrition; Type 2 diabetes; Insulin.
Besides the books, we have a set of 25 educational pamphlets aimed to people with diabetes and their carers – available at 


Message from the President

Dr Luis Manuel Gardete "APDP is the oldest diabetes association in the world, founded in 1926, and therefore one of the first IDF’s member associations. Ever since the beginning, empowering people with diabetes and their carers was a fundamental pillar in our mission?

Today it is very important for APDP to be a member Associaciont of IDF for clear reasons beginning with the international recognition of being member of such a distinguishing association, but also the importance of belonging to a network with common objectives and joining and contributing to strengthen the voice of the diabetes community. The final reason is the opportunity to show the Portuguese reality and perspective, with our experiences and barriers."


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