Diabetes Association of Serbia


Organizational Information

Rasadnicka bb
Ambulanta za dijabetes ZC Zajecar
19000 Zajecar
Tel +381-11-3283267
Website: www.diabeta.net


Membership Information

Founded in 1997

4000 Members in 2016


100 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2003




Diabetes Association of Serbia is an association of people living with diabetes (diabetes), those who live for (health care workers) and those who live with diabetes (individuals - healthy food producers and enthusiasts from the pharmaceutical industry). It is a non-profit educational social organization, founded in 1997.

It became a full member of  IDF in 2003.


Main Focus

  • To represents the persons with diabetes from Serbia at European and global level
  • To educate people with diabetes and promoting healthy lifestyles

Young Leaders in Diabetes

Aleksandar, Jelena and Tijana represent the Diabetes Association of Serbia in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about them and about the YLD programme here

Message from the President

Mr Miodrag Djordjevic 



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