Sociedad Espanola de Diabetes


Organizational Information

Eugenio Salazar 23 Entreplanta B
28002 Madrid
Tel +34-91-4013342


Membership Information

Founded in 1954

2080 Members in 2016


3 employees 

Member of IDF since 2000




The Spanish Diabetes Society is a non-profit scientific multidisciplinar organisation created in 1954. It aims at supporting the advances in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, boosting the generation and exchange of knowledge at a national and international level with the objective of improving the life expectancy and quality of patients with diabetes


  • The patient with diabetes is at the focus of all activities
  • Committed with the scientific community that they serve
  • Orientated towards the educational and research community, nationally and internationally
  • Culture of innovation and incorporation of new knowledge
  • Open to other groups of interest related with diabetes
  • Excellence in the organisation and services


Being a model, nationally and internationally, for all the groups of interest in diabetes.


Main Focus

  • To raise awareness about diabetes
  • To prevent diabetes and its complications
  • To improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes


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Young Leaders in Diabetes

Lorea represents the Spanish Diabetes Society in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about her and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

Scientific Megazine “Reviesta Avances en Diabetologia”
Magazine aimed at the general population “Revista Diabetes”

Message from the President

Dr. Edelmiro Menéndez Torre​ "Diabetes affects every country in the world and we have to fight together to prevent, find a best treatment or cure this disease. It is necessary that European society as a whole responsive to the needs of people with diabetes and support the scientific research community in its fight against this disease.
We believe that being part of the IDF will help to achieve these objectives."


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