Schweizerische Diabetes-Gesellscheft


Organizational Information

Rütistrasse 3a
5400 Baden
Tel +41-56-2001790

Membership Information

Founded in 1957

21253 Members in 2016


10 employees

Member of IDF since 1958




The Swiss Diabetes Association (Schweizerische Diabetes Gesellschaft) was established in 1957 with the aim to improve the situation of people with diabetes in Switzerland. These includes in particular advocacy for people with diabetes, raising the awareness of diabetes, providing an appropriate instruction and the psycho-social support of patients and their relatives.

The Swiss Diabetes Association represents 20 regional associations all over Switzerland.

Main Focus

  • Collaboration with health care professionals, authorities and insurances
  • Information material and brochures for patients and their peers 
  • Individual group training and education by professionals
  • Information and leisure events for adults and young people
  • Peer support - living with diabetes
  • Diabetes Kids Camps


Learn more here about activities organised by the Association for World Diabetes Day.

Health Education and Screening Programme are provided by 20 regional associations and more than 20 local support groups. 

For detailed information on their activities, visit their web site at


Publications & Newsletters

The association publishes diabetes magazine for persons with diabetes and other people interested in diabetes in Germany, French and Italian

Download their latest annual report (2014)

Message from the President

Mr Juan F. Gut "The Swiss Diabetes Association appreciates the close cooperation with IDF to ensure the cause of people with diabetes both at a national and international level. It enables us to be informed of the latest news and scientific progress related to diabetes".


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