Ukrainian Diabetic Federation


Organizational Information

Vyshgorodska Str.69 of 57, o/b N9
04114 Kiev
Tel +380-50-3171117

Membership Information

Founded in 1988

7539 Members in 2015


 3 employees and  volunteers

Member of IDF since 1996




Ukrainian Diabetic Federation which aims is to defend the interests of patients with diabetes began its activity back in the Soviet Union. It was established in 1988 and the first public organization for advocacy and awareness on diabetes in Kharkiv. It was not only the first diabetic association, but also the first non-governmental organization.

Thus a diabetic movement started in Ukraine - at a time when people learnt about new ways of development and the first steps in a democratic system. After collapse of the USSR in 1993 Ukrainian Diabetic Association (now Federation -  UDF) was officially established. In 1996, UDF has become a member of the International Diabetes Federation, it was the main reason for the success of the organization. Since then Ukrainian Diabetic Federation is part of a strong international movement.
Today UDF contains 36 organizations from 23 regions of Ukraine, including 18 of regional level, 11 - local, 6 - district. 19 organizations are now actively working. UDF is a member of Ukrainian Union of Patients Organizations (UUPO) and together with other 18 member organizations of the Union is active in the fight against non-infective diseases in Ukraine and abroad.


Main Focus

The main purpose of UDF is to promote interests of people with diabetes in Ukraine, protection of diabetic patients’ rights in Ukraine for healthy and decent life, adequate and modern treatment



UDF closely works with governmental authorities supporting diabetic patients’ rights policy in Ukraine. 
UDF carries out Public Audit of National Health Care Programs. 
In 2013 UDF has initiated the process of formation of MPs Working Group on NCDs in the Parliament of Ukraine. 
In 2012 UDF became an initiator and organizer of the International Mini-Football Championship for People with Diabetes “DIAEURO 2012” - a unique social project that aims to raise awareness of the global problem of diabetes in Ukraine and worldwide.
Being a member association of IDF UDF traditionally holds celebration of World Diabetes Day on November 14. 
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Young Leaders in Diabetes

Ann and Oleksii represent the Ukrainian Diabetic Federation in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

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Publications & Newsletters

UDF publishes free newspaper "Diabetes and Life" for general practice physicians and for patients with diabetes. The Newspaper is propagated through regional organizations, Kyiv city state health care center, Institute of Endocrinology, net of drug stores.

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Message from the President

Prof. Mykola Tronko



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