Tashkent Charity Public Association of the Disabled and People with DM


Organizational Information

Membership Information

Founded in 2002

948 Members in 2016


7 employees and 250 volunteers

Member of IDF since 2013




The mission of UMID is to represent, advocate and help people with diabetes and their family, as well as improve their quality of life. 


Main Focus

  • Diabetes education
  • Support people with diabetes


UMID carries out an active work on fighting diabetes.  Annually, jointly with the Ministry of Health they carry out seminars and conferences on prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications for health care professionals.  
They advocate for the interests and rights of people with diabetes, rend medical and material aid to war veterans and needly people with diabetes.
A great deal of work is done for training of people with diabetes to self-checking in family clinics of Tashkent.
Using mass media, UMID raises public awareness in diabetes issues, its prevention as well as prevention of diabetes complications.

Publications & Newsletters

Download their latest annual report (2013)


Message from the President

Norposha Sadykova 



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