Bahrain Diabetes Society

Organizational Information

Box 21471
Tel: +973.341 197 37
E-mail: [email protected]

Membership Information

Founded in 1989

150 Members in 2016


5 employees and 200 volunteers

Member of IDF since 1992




Bahrain Diabetes Society (BDS)  was established on 1989 . It is a non-profit organization, affiliated to the NGOs of the Ministry of Social Development in Bahrain, and to the International Diabetes Federation ( I D F)  since 1992.
To improve diabetes care and prevention in Bahrain by partnership with stakeholders, governmental and nongovernmental organization providing with Diabetes  care and managements.
Empowerment of Diabetes patients and their families in the services provided and its quality control, and Protection of the People against Diabetes and its complications ( Bahrain Diabetes Role in community Health)
To provide diabetes awareness, education and counseling to people with diabetes, their family members and the public to prevent the diabetes and its complications and through knowledge and discipline, the person with diabetes becomes better  and to achieve a healthy and productive life.
Promotion of health awareness in   the community about Diabetes and its risk factors support of early detection program.


Main Focus

  • To promote the awareness of diabetes to the public
  • To encourage and educate the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes.
  • To educate the public & people with diabetes on the latest developments in diabetes care and how to avoid complications.


Diabetes Awareness Program
The objective is to promote the awareness of diabetes to the public and encourage the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes. 
They conduct health screening, outreach talks at various institutions, schools and community clubs, community health fairs, and during celebration of world diabetes day.
Diabetes Education Program
The mission is to educate the public & people with diabetes on the latest developments in diabetes care and how to avoid complications. 
They organize public workshops, children’s camps, and provide information on diabetes control
Diabetes Prevention Program
The aim is to educate the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent Diabetes through educational talks targeted at schools & at community events, screening program in shopping malls, clubs, schools and held frequent marathon and walkathon.They also publish brochures & pamphlets which are distributed at our outreach events.
Diabetes Support Group Program
The support group provides a platform for people with diabetes & their family members to share their experiences in dealing with diabetes & for those who are newly diagnosed to interact & learn from other members.




Young Leaders in Diabetes

Khadija represents the Bahrain Diabetes Society in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about her and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

Their latest annual report (2012)


Message from the President

Shaikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa "As a member of IDF, we are facing a big challenges to prevent and control Diabetes  in our societies. Today Diabetes is one of the most common non communicable diseases in the world.  It is the fourth or fifth leading cause of death in most high- income countries.

It is a major economic burden at all levels from person, through families and societies to countries and entire nations. In the GCC countries and some other regions, Diabetes is reaching an epidemic state and is the leading consumer of the health care budgets. The world’s top ten countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes are in the Middle East, which includes the kingdom of Bahrain.
In Bahrain,  the prevalence of diabetes and risk factor is increasing and according to the data  the prevalence of diabetes type 2 in Adult reached 14.3 % .(this study done on 1997 by Ministry of Health). The number of the children developing the type 1diabetes every year is increasing rapidly.
Type 2 diabetes is now also being diagnosed in children.
Diabetes is undoubtedly one of the most challenging health problems.
With effective prevention and management programs, we can reduce the prevalence of diabetes and its burden
With our joint efforts, we can achieve a better health for all ."


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