Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes and Metabolism

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Founded in 2006

1200 Members in 2016


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Member of IDF since 2013



The Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes & Metabolism (AASD) is a non-governmental organization founded on 2006 as a leading nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information, advocacy and patient care. The Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes and Metabolism AASD has a wide range of objectives and activities. 

Main Focus

  • Medical conferences intended to share knowledge and stimulate research
  • Postgraduate continuous medical education: AASD-CME
  • Prevention of diabetes & diabetes complications
  • Care of diabetic complications 


  • Public awareness programs and patient education with the aim of prevention and optimum management. 
  • Medical conferences intended to share knowledge and stimulate research. 
  • Postgraduate continuous medical education: AASD-CME.
  • Newsletters for health care practitioner that is intended to increase knowledge about the standards of medical care in diabetes and associated cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. 
  • Patient Activities:
    • Patient education sessions. o Diabetes prevention Campaigns for the objective of 1ry, 2ry and 3ry prevention.
    • Early detection of diabetes and prediabetes.
    • Patient services: Blood glucose and lipid testing, patient examination, providing glucometers and antidiabetic drugs for patients who can’t afford treatment. 


Publications & Newsletters

Read their latest annual report (2013)


Message from the President

Professor Inass Shaltout  "Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, 382 million people with diabetes worldwide and expected to increase to 550 million by 2030. 

For Egypt, International Diabetes Federation updates Egypt ranking to be the 9th in the number of people with diabetes (20-79 years), with 7.5 Millions in 2013 (Vs. 4.78 Million in 2010) and to be at the 6th position with 13.1 Million in 2035. Diabetes is a major emerging clinical and public health problem in Egypt. The cost of ambulatory outpatient care for DM in Egypt is one of the lowest for Mediterranean countries.
However, the cost of treatment of the various complications of diabetes is higher. There is good evidence that diabetes can be prevented. The burden of disease and cost to the economy are significant drivers to action 
Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes and metabolism, member of IDF as one of the leading associations in Egypt, encourages the awareness of the issue of diabetes complications and how to prevent them. It challenges diabetics to know their risks for heart diseases and take action to reduce their personal risk. It also gives them the tools they need to lead a healthy life. 
We are looking for a fruitful caring for both doctors and patients in Egypt." 



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